Why are you going on this trip?

It all started on January 2006. I was surfing on forums and came upon a thread about someone’s friend who is going on a backpack trip. The guy quitted his job and decided to backpack around the world for a year. I was telling my co-workers (I was doing an internship back then) how great that is. As I read the blog entires, I kept telling myself “wow, if only I can do this”. Then, I realized that, I could, in fact, be doing something similar. I was still unsure because it sounded like a crazy idea and it would cost me a lot. Then, I came upon these pictures:

I then realized how much there is to see in this world. I have then decided that I will go on a backpack trip….

When are you leaving?

I’m leaving on the 2nd of May and coming back on the 28th of August

What is your itinerary?

It should roughly look like this:

Are you going alone?


What? Are you crazy? Wouldn’t you be worried about your security?

I have many people asking me this. First, I don’t think I know anyone with whom I can spend 4 monthes, 24 hours a day with. Second, I’m sure I will meet a lot of backpacker who are travelling alone as well. And finally, I think that the places that I will be visiting will be safe. I just gotta be smart and be careful and I am sure I’ll come back in one piece.

Can I tag along?

Sure, if you happen to be in the area, shoot me an email!

Can you send me postcards?

Of course! Just send me an email with your name and address. If you want to have a postcard from a specific place, just tell me about it in your email. I will try my best to send you a postcard from that place.