11th Sep, 2007

Post-trip feelings

September 12, 2007

Wow. In the blink of an eye, I have finished my trip and been back home for exactly 3 weeks. For those who are wondering, here is my itinerary for the past 4 months. Somewhat different from what I have planned initially! And yes, I did have a blast! It was an amazing trip. If given the choice, I would have continuedHowever, I don’t think this will be THE trip of my lifetime. In fact, after this trip, I get more and more confused about what I want in life. I had tons of fun living somewhat like a bum for 3 months, yet, I had equally as much fun dishing my cash on clothes and whatnot in Hong Kong. I do envy the numerous people who I have met and who have been travelling for years. Yet, I also envy the people who are driving nice cars and have enough money to burn. Both (pure happiness vs money) are within reach to me, but I can only choose one…

Anyways, on a more positive side, many have asked me what I saw and learned from my trip. I did indeed saw a lot of things that somehow changed my life. Here are a few examples.

I saw how difficult and how much hardwork it takes to “harvest” rice in Indonesia. I try my best not to waste rice anymore.

I saw absolutely nothing special in Singapore (other than the gals). I try my best not to travel to Singapore again.

I saw how beautiful the rainforest/jungles are in Malaysia. I try my best to not pollute as much.

I saw how many many people are doomed to wait for their whole life due to the beautiful beaches of Thailand. I try my best to never complain about being stuck in traffic or being impatient.

I saw how lucky men are in Laos. They chill everyday with their friends, drink Beer Lao, play “boule” and call it a day. I try my best to “eat soft rice”. (Lol, this one is just for joke)

I saw many kids who have nothing to eat in Cambodia. I try my best not to waste food now.

I saw how fucking hot it is in Vietnam. I try my best not to complain about the heat in Canada now.

I saw many girls who don’t know how to makeup in Hong Kong. I try my best not to laugh at them.

And to those who are planning to backpack around. Here are a few tips or a list of things that you’ll most likely forget (but which are extremely important to have!).

-Don’t freaking plan your trip ahead of time unless you’re on a really tight schedule! (And for those who are wondering, I did not plan my trip ahead. I always only know roughly where I’m heading to or doing what in the following days).

– Bring a decoy wallet with expired credit cards and some bullshit cards.

-Bring ear plugs!!!!!! (SUPER IMPORTANT)

-Screw the mosquito repellent that you find in Canada. Buy it at the country you’re at.

– Buy good flip-flops. I can’t stress how important this is. No matter how you hate flip-flops (I used to hate them with a passion), you’ll end up wearing it 90% of the time. Do yourself a favor and don’t make the same mistake as me (buying cheap flip-flops from Wal-mart).

-Bring a cellphone (tri-band, obviously). It comes in very handy to call back home (one of the cheapest way is to buy a local sim card). Oh, make sure your phone has a camera! 😉

-Always have a pen with you.

-Keep a diary daily.

-Malaria is overrated. (But don’t come bitching at me if you catch it though).

An index of all my posts will be posted soon enough. I will keep updating this post as I think of more stuff to write.


[…] Post-trip feelings absolutely nothing special in Singapore (other than the gals). I try my best not to travel to Singapore […]

Well, Singapore is not a bad place to travel depending on which type of traveller you are. If you are looking for shopping, eating and partying, then Singapore is a great place. However, in terms of sightseeing, I dont’ really see anything special about Singapore…

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