16th Aug, 2007

My 2 hours in Hanoi

(Day 70) July 13, 2007

After a really long bus ride (18 hours), I finally got my ass to Hanoi. We were driven to a travel agency in the middle of the town. I had a few hours to spare before going to the airport to catch my flight to Bangkok. I read in my guidebook that there’s something called the “Temple of Literature” in the area and that it is a must-go. So I hired a motorcycle driver to get there.

The place was nice , but it was quite small and doesn’t offer much to see. They had a lot of those stones carved with Chinese writtings. As you walk through the garden, the road would bring you to a temple with Confucius’ (I think) statues.  Although the temple didn’t have much to offer, it was still better than waiting 1 hour at the travel agency.

I then went to the airport. I later realized that my Vietnamese Dong cannot be exchanged anywhere else! Crap, so I’m stuck with 50 CAD worth of “souvenirs”. If anyone is heading to Vietnam anytime soon, let me know! I have Vietnamese Dongs to sell you!

Pics for Day 70 :

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