7th Aug, 2007

Seeing new things

(Day 69) July 12, 2007

Had the whole day to kill before I take the overnight bus to Hanoi at 6 PM. Since I’ve seen everything that’s walking distance in Hue, I opted for some other form of transportation. The Vietnamese cyclo. We agreed on a price and the cyclo “driver” will drive me around for 3 hours. I wanted to see new things, so I asked him to bring me to wherever that he finds nice. After cycling¬† for about 30 minutes along the sea,¬† we finally arrived to the Chinese Pagoda. It really looked like it came straight out of a Chinese movie. The pagoda is situated on top of a hill that overlooks the sea. The view is superb and along with the sea breeze, it is a very comfortable place to be on a hot 38 degrees summer day!

The inside of the pagoda is protected by 2 really big “moon sun“. The inner garden of the pagoda consisted of a temple and this. Although I have no idea what it is, I really like Chinese-style structures like that. Can’t wait till I get to China! (Little did I know that my trip to China will be cancelled).

We then stopped to a very little “museum” that really had nothing to offer. As we passed by a bridge, my cyclo driver showed me that his home was one of these boats.

We then headed to our last destination of the day: Mike’s Pagoda. The building inside was nice but there wasn’t that much to see. And so he brought me back to town and I took the overnight bus to Hanoi.

Pics for Day 69:


wow, that “museum” looks smaller than the little chinese house at the park in chinatown, where there’s people doing falun gong.

so I guess you’re now in China? you have to take pictures of the new infrastructures they are building for the Olympics 2008. I checked some online and they look sick!

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