17th Jul, 2007

Little update from Hong Kong

Hello all,

haven’t updated for a while.

Currently in Hong Kong (got here yesterday).

Still have 2 posts from Vietnam for me to write. I will not write about the stuff in Bangkok because I’ve “brought” you guys there already.

Current situation: Initially, I have planned to rest a bit in China till my back gets better before going to China. But with unexpected events occurring, the trip to China should be canceled because I have to go back to Bangkok in August. So, I might fly to Philippines for a week, come back and then go back to Thailand for 1 or 2 weeks.

I will still try to do some backpacking things in Hong Kong, so there should be updates,

Stay tuned,



Take some rest and have some fun with sk in HK la, hope your back will get better soon. I think China is a must go, but i guess somehow it’s too much to do everything in one single trip. Anyway, take it easy & enjoy your vacation. Wish you good luck for everything 😉 and hope that you still have your “fire” of backpacking in you. It’s been very pleasant to read your blog, plus all the pics and stories~ Keep us updating and have fun laaa~

What happened to your back Eric? It sounds serious in your words…Hope that you will feel better after the rest in HK lah…

Take care!

Has all ur walking about caught up with you? Is that why your back hurts? It doesn’t take guys to know what you meant about that jap girl who was “very nice”…well at least i think i know what you mean lol

CLC is getting really good in english, im surprised.. and he thinks deep unlike ppl like me who are just looking forward to PICS PICS PICS lol

on a side note, fuck you both devils (sk and u)! stupid pk arghhhh i hate you!!!!

wei no updates????


I bet you two ass (u n sk) are partying hard and forget about us….no updates for us …so sad

Haha, yes and no… I dont’ have computer and internet at my place… so can’t really update….you ask sk to update lor

waaa, i missed a lot… i realized i havent log in ur page for soooo long. I was quite busy lately…

WAAA WAAA how are you arrrr?~ still in 1 piece? enjoying ur trip and start forgeting mtl?! n … wassup with ur back? sounds so bad tho~!! is everything still ok?

I already started reading what i’ve missed previously, did some catup up tonite… since I’ll have a day off tmr, i will do some more !!!

keep update la!

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