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(Day 68) July 11, 2007

God I hate the people who works in my hotel. First, my room is surrounded by rooms from a tour group (not a problem for me). However, the people working in the hotel didn’t quite realize it. At 6:30 AM, he knocks on my door, I was like “what do you want?”, he realizes that I wasn’t from the tour group, excuses himself and left. Fine. I rolled for about 40 minutes before being able to fall back asleep. 20 minutes later, a gentle knock on the door and my door opens (I think it’s the lady who cleans room), she saw that I was on my bed, excuses herself and left. Now, I am fully awake. So I just sat there and was playing on my PSP. At 9 AM, they freaking knock on my door again, I said “Yes?” and the person was gone.

 Hue is sooooo hot! It’s one of the places where I have to take 4-5 showers a day. Coincidentally, that’s also the number of ice cream I eat a day. I realize that I eat like a bull now. Gotta start cutting on the amount of stuff I eat. In fact, every meal, I would be ordering a fruit shake and 2 main dishes (aka 1 rice and 1 noodle). If I continue like that, I bet I’ll become the fat Eric from CEGEP.

Anyways, I finally decided to get out of my bed and head out to the Citadel. In fact, Hue is the ancient city where the Vietnamese Kings used to live. I was quite surprised at all the Chinese words that were in the Citadel. In fact, the whole thing looks very Chinese-looking. It is so Chinese that the inside of the Palace, where the King does his personal stuff is called the “Purple Forbidden City”(Ji Gum Sing)! I bet I will feel bored when I get to the Purple Forbidden City when I get to Beijing… But then, the whole thing wasn’t that big, but some of the “houses”were quite nice. Walking down the hallways really makes you feel like you’re in a movie or something.

I stopped at one of the restaurants that is recommended in almost all guidebooks. And Oh my God, the food was amazing! Never had grilled beef that good before! Also tried their Hue specialty pancake. I have no clue why it’s called pancake though, because the yellow stuff that you see is actually fried egg.

Walking in the scorching heat for 4 hours really got me tired and sweaty. Went back to the hotel for a shower and a nap. Wanted to head out for the royal tombs, but my lower back said no. So stayed in my room and enjoying the comfort of my bed. Good thing that I only have 1 overnight bus left (but it is the most deadly one, 18 hours!).

Pics for Day 68:


Dd: lol, my conclusion is that I look very South-East Asian… but then, the Viet ppl in Vietnam looks quite Chinese as well

Angie: I’m not a really religious person, I kind of like history, but I mainly go to these temples because these are the sights of the area…

well, i know.. but it kinds of sooth the pain a bit hehe
well, in a way, spending extra 3$ per night really adds up… but then i don’t really stay in shit holes either. I am quite sure that my back pains come from the overnight buses. Cuz I have been alternating one night in hotel, one night in bus for the past week, so i guess that put a lot of strain on my back…

it’s actually some “Cham” people (that’s how the “civilization” was called, not that they are miserable, hehe)

KFC: bah, as i told you, i won’t be doing special updates anymore, you guys spread it out anwyays. If i wanted to let everyone know, I will post it here… otherwise, i’ll just keep the stories for myself now and tell you and sk when i see you guys in person 😉

yea, in bangkok now for the weekend, then fly to hk to party with sk!!!!! weeeeeeeee

we didn’t spread out the stories…you were the one who spread it out on webcam lol….ho moon ar, yao hai temples but you seem to enjoy it hehe

the pancake thing… my grandma makes it. do you put fish sauce on top of it? it’s yummy… but messy to make.

for real, if u dont see a specialist and just “sooth” the pain, it can get worst coz that person doesnt know what he is doing.

the pancake thing… my grandma makes it. do you put fish sauce on top of it? it’s yummy… but messy to make.

for real, if u dont see a specialist and just “sooth” the pain, it can get worst coz that person doesnt know what he is doing.

man.. i had a horrible day. nasty hangover + work at dad’s is a killer… couldnt take it so went back home sleep.

anyhow im wondering… what happens if you ever lose your guidebook? u’ll probably be crying hahaha anyway nice pics.. i wish i can be in asia right now :'(

OMG 1625$ for flight to HK :S :S :S :S :S :S :S :S :S

man… i partied so fucking hard in Bangkok… it’s my 3rd day here and i have 2 days of hangover already…. yesterday partied till 7 AM… fucking insane…. but then.. it was great fun! Meeting and partying with a group of locals is really great! Argh, if only you and sk were here… it would be amazing!!!!! COME TO ASIA!!!!!!!!!!!! i tell u, if you come, me u and sk fly to bangkok and we’ll party like mad…..

oh, to tell u the truth, i dont’ use the guidebook that much. I just get a general idea of what’s where and if i should go to that city or not…

flying to bangkok takes like what.. 200$CDN? its no problem. im thinking about where the $ will come for plane ticket and living + it’s hard now since my gf is working lu

so uh… u are partying with the girls u met last time? or its a new gang?

and PICS tabarnak

no… new gang..

well, i do have pics and stories for u… show it to u next time i see u on msn….

In fact, i really wish you and sk can coem to bkk, just so that it’s not so boring in the daytime!

btw, why would it be hard for $ since ur gf’s working? 😉

keep up the stories…im bored here

it was me

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