11th Jul, 2007

My son


(Day 67) July 10, 2007

Catchy title, hein? But, to many people’s disappointment, No bros, you guys aren’t going to be uncle. No mom, you are not going to have a grandson. In fact, My Son is the name of the “Holyland” that lies about 50 km away from Hoi An.

The description of this holy land was fantastic. But as I arrived and saw it, my reaction was “That’s it?”. In fact, I don’t think I’ll be impressed by any of these ruins after seeing Angkor Wat. The whole site has been broken into different groups. Many “groups” are just ruins now due to American bombings. So, boys and girls, if you ever go to Vietnam and want to visit “My Son Holyland”, make sure you do it BEFORE Angkor Wat. In fact, I have enough of temples for my trip and shouldn’t be visiting them anymore.

Later took the bus to Hue. Pretty short ride (4 hours). But then, taking so many overnight buses without resting much is quite bad. My lower back hurts like hell now. Good excuse for a massage! Unfortunately, the massaged sucked and didn’t do any good. God I miss the massage back in Cambodia (paid for 2 hours, got 40 mins free afterwards)…

Oh, and just for the record, I did finally meet a Jap girl from my tour. But, unfortunately, she’s…uh… “very nice” (guys should know what I mean). I was just listening to some radio show the other day and they were saying how a lot of Jap people are “ji bei” (feeling inferior) because they don’t speak English too well. I kind of see it in this girl also. She only walks in the back of the group and doesn’t talk. Then, when I start talking with her, she gets really enthusiastic and makes you feel like that she feels very glad that someone approaches her to talk with her…

Oh, and must also say that Viet people (girls) really know how to make guys (or maybe is it just me?) very confident about themselves….

Pics for Day 67:



Little update: Taking overnight bus (18 hours) to Hanoi… then will fly to Bangkok in the afternoon.. staying for the weekend then fly to Hong Kong for 1 or 2 weeks…

NsK: really? i’ll try to fix them later…

well, as i have mentionned many times, I dont’ really like viet girls…. i just dont’ find them attractive (sorry for the viet girls who visit my blog, if any) lol

SK: lol.. thx… i’ll go to india to pimp then…

cya in 3-4 days

Angie: cool.. i’ll try to find it then…

not really… empty beach to relax… it’s as if the beach is urs… i’d rather be sleeping in an empty beach rather than a beach full of people (most girls at the beaches are not hot)

Lai wah (Mom): yea.. ok now.. hopefully it’ll be ok when I take the 18 hour bus tonight hehe

anyways, as I said.. i’ll go to Hong Kong in a few days, I’ll call you when I get to Bangkok

Pris: haha, i knew u would like it when I took the pic!

Good that u like it! Still have some that i haven’t sent yet…. too lazy to write and go to the post office

cant help… got to say… u now look like a viet person…. LOL

i have a question… are you religious? or do u love history? u seem to visit all temple…

by the way, massage does not cure back pain!!! it might even make it worst. you need to see a specialist, i know, my sis had terrible back pain. to an extent where she couldnt get out of bed. also, you see!!! because you are not willing to spend a bit more to get WAY MORE confortable hotel, you now pay the consequences.

the ruins looks like “maya ruins”.

you better send a mass email to the boys and elaborate on how viets make u feel more confident… unless the story is about you entering a public bathroom and u compared wieners… urgh

btw ur going to hk??? ARGHHHH im so jealous now. roarrrr i wanna gooooo

to KFC’s comment: LOL, yea! how do the viet girls make you feel more confident?

Btw, you should still post the pic of the jap girl, wondering how “nice” she is, just for curiosity of the kind of people u meet in ure trip, lol.
Really about their low confidence? The japanese girls in Montreal are so-so in english, but they seem sociable and crazily active. But then again, maybe because Montreal is a very welcoming place for tourists.

to NSK’s previous previous comment:

Refixed links to the missing photos on the blog 2 days ago:
Cao Lau
White Roses

To Antou: Yea, I know about Viet history. I know the Vietcongs didn’t do the right thing for attacking the south and stuff. During the second phase of the war (vs China, backstab? lol) they kicked out all the “yut nam wa kiu” which included my parents and confiscated their stuff as well.
But what I was more proud was not their morality or values, but of their wits of fighting with machine guns against a country that has jets and ships.

lol about your title “The Son” btw, I thought you adopted a son from Vietnam like those superstars, Angelina Jolie and the sort.

Oops, here’s the pic for Buildings.

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