11th Jul, 2007

Recipe for a perfect day


(Day 66) July 9, 2007

First off, I have found something weird in Vietnam. Well, “weird”. It happened for about 3 times already since I arrived in Vietnam. I would be walking down the street, some random girl would come up to me, say “hi” and then say “you’re handsome” *shy*. But then, I realize that they weren’t prostitutes, so I am just confused in what did they wanted… Too bad I’m not into Vietnamese girls…

The overnight bus from Nha Trang to Hoi An was an absolute nightmare! I had diarohea and my stomach started to hurt at 2:30 AM. Couldn’t sleep because of it and waited till we arrived at 7 AM. They brought us to the bus companie’s 3-star hotel, told us that we could have a look, if we dont’ like it, they can drive us to another area with more hostels. I didn’t really care, I needed a TOILET! So I quickly had a look at the room, took the key and rushed into the toilet! It was 12 USD, not bad for a 3-star hotel! Actually, I think I would have stayed there even if it was 42 USD, I needed the toilet THAT bad.

After having my “business” done, took a shower and rested on the ultra-comfortable (reminds me of my bed back home) till lunchtime. Hoi An has 3 special dishes. Cao Lau, White Roses and Fried Wontongs. I had the Cao Lau and White Roses for lunch. The Cao Lau was so-so, but the White Roses were really delicious!

Hoi An is such a beautiful city! The Hoi An Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Most of the buildings are preserved from the 15th century (I might be wrong on the number here). Walking through the town makes you feel like as if you’ve gone back in time! For some reasons, there are A LOT of Chinese buildings.

I then arrived to this so called Japanese Bridge. And then saw Siuki and Pris’ “Chi Tong”. I had my questions ready and was about to “chak” their “Chi Tong” (You have to listen to Ga Sai Tong to understand what I am saying).

I then arrived to this 200-years old house. Everything is still very well preserved and the 7th generation of the family is still living here! They have this “Confucius Cup” and the guide in the house was telling me that this is the only one in Vietnam. The special thing about the cup is that it has a hole underneath. If you fill 80% of the cup with water, the water will not leak. But once you go above the 80% mark, the water will leak out. Moral? Never be greedy, because you might just end up losing everything! Very meaningful!

I then passed by this shop. They had this “King’s chair” inside. If I were willing to ditch 2 USD, I would be able to dress as a king, sit on the chair and have my picture taken. But then, I am a cheapass, so I didn’t do it.

When I was in Nha Trang, I met the 2 English girls that I saw back in Chaing Mai and Laos. They told me about this beach in Hoi An that was literally empty. It was only 5 km away from town, so I tried to hire a motorcycle driver to drive me to there and back for 1 USD. No one wanted to do it. Fine, so I rent a bicycle and biked my way to the beach. The beach wasn’t full of people, but it wasn’t empty either. So I said “screw it” and biked back to the hotel. It was actually quite relaxing to bike, listen to music and enjoy the view along the way!

Took a shower, napped and went to have the test fit of my suit. (Hoi An is very famous for tailored clothes, so I have another suit tailored there). Then went to try another specialty of Hoi An, Fried Wonton!

Pics for Day 66:


NsK: that’s what I thought also… but then, you know la, girls = ma fan

Actually, Nha Trang is popular for its excellent visibility! 20 meters (which is a lot) is very usual. According to my guidebook, if you’re lucky, you can even get 30 meters! But then, as some of the scuba diving shops told me, they are having a pretty bad year…

well, there realy isn’t nothing much to do in Nha Trang, water sports is insanely expensive (35$ for 30 mins of wakeboard).

KFC: no la, went to look for a room myself, much easier…

lol, no la, i’m not blind…

well, for some of the places, I take local tours (much cheaper than going alone with a motorbike). I also meet tons of travellers on buses and stuff (i just dont’ write every encounter).

As for my roomate, he left for BKK after Phnom Penh. Thinking about it, is it the first time that I mention about a roomate? Because you guys seem to be so interested in it, while he’s not the first person that I shared a room/travelled with…

well, I planned to go to a club when I get to Hanoi (i’m arriving on a Friday morning). I wasn’t able to go to bars in the previous cities for different reasons… back in Ho Chi Minh, me and my roomate (another one) met a Canadian couple and we just hanged out at some local shop that sells some amazing beer for really cheap…

Nha Trang, I was dead tired that day so slept…. Hoi An… no night life at all… Hue, my lower back is killing me, so I just try to lie on the bed and try to recover before the next bus ride (18 hours)…

I was thinking of that also, starting from Cambodia,the massage girls got weirder and weirder… but then, it’s such a freaking double standard….aii…

David: haha, i didn’t even realize it! I was looking at the horizon. But to answer your question, they are some random people whojust happened to be in my way… And, i dont’ really take pics of anyone (except myself), it just ahppens that ppl are in my pics!!

private garage? doesn’t sound too reliable loL!

yea i agree, indeed, the americans got pwned by the Vietnamese! There was a place in teh Cu CHi tunnels where the americans dropped a b-52 bomb, but they weren’t able to destroy the tunnels!

Heaven on Earth? Like.. the massage place in Rush hour…2?

Angie: is pho wah in viet? cuz there are no chiense characters on the menu, so it would be hard to indentify it… i mean, is it spelled “pho wah” in viet?

haha si dan la, i had to scuba dive anyways,and scuba diving on the fist day was actually more convenient for me. If I went scuba diving the second day, since i was goign to take the night bus to Hoi An at night, I will have to check out, but then, I wouldn’t have a place to shower and dry my stuff….

Sin: shit, should have contacted you earlier!! I’m heading to Hanoi next… check your emails 😉

btw, know of any good (clean) massage places in Hanoi? Btw, when you say you go to Vietnam,do you go to Saigon or Hanoi or some other cities?

No la, no options included..it was a clean place… but then… the massage girl was weird (I got taken advantage of *shy* )

KFC:well, he only went to club once and reported,no? Oh shit, it’s Wednesday, LADIES NIGHT! Let’s hope that he goes clubbing and updates us!

wei some of the links doesn’t work ….you should ask the Vietnamese girls what they want…maybe in return, you get what you want hehe…

u’re handsome for an indian *shy*

lol chak chi tong

i dunno the spelling of the place. my dad said tsama, i repeat to you.

why would u wanna go to some empty beach… empty=something wrong.

oh i would have spent the 2$ for that picture. i once dress up and pose for a picture outside of the palace in china. it was worth it.

are you ok now.For your stomach and diarohea.

hahahahah CHAK NGO CHI TONG!!!! lol… it’s definitely mine but sk and kayi are the other “Wong”. but i laughed at the pic so much the first time u messaged me about it on msn.

LOVIN THE POSTCARDS ERIC!!! THANKS SO MUCH! my collection is so pretty!

LOL @ your toilet story. that. must. suck. hahaha…

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