10th Jul, 2007

Nha Trang

(Day 64) July 7, 2007
Took the overnight bus from Ho Chi Minh City to Nah Trang. Met 2 local Vietnamese girls (one was with his French boyfriend). Anyways, so we’ve talked about going to scuba dive in Nha Trang. As we arrived (6 AM), the French guy tells me “hey, we should get going and try to dive today”. Alright, so we went to one of the dive shops. The dives usually start at about 7:30 AM. We didn’t have a hostel yet, but the Vietnamese girls assured me that it was low-season and it would be very easy to find a room. Fine. As I was eating breakfast (Vietnamese bread, which was really good, by the way), the French dude comes back with a receipt and tells me that he found a good place to go dive for cheap. I asked him if he was going to dive tomorrow, because I’ll just join him then. He told me yes, but he paid for my part already, so I had to go today. Fucking great. And so we went to the port for some scuba diving action.

The visibility was shit (apparently this year’s scuba diving sucked in Nha Trang) and the water was freezing cold. Another reason to love Thailand! It was also really awkward that the couple was trying to hook me up with that other Vietnamese girl (no, no pics, not hot at all). We then got back to town, had our free lunch and went to look for a hostel. Guess what? It is now high high season and every freaking hotel was full (we needed 1 double room and 2 single rooms). We walked for around 1 hour (keep in mind that they didn’t have much luggages as they were only there for the weekend and I had about 30 lbs on my back). They were waiting in one hotel because the owner tried calling her friends to see if they have rooms for us while I went outside to look at other hotels. As I came back, they ask me if I mind taking a double-room with that Viet girl. Well, I didn’t really mind, but even if I really did mind, it would have been weird to say “yea, I mind, let’s take single rooms instead”.

Then, I went to the ATM, came back and saw them outside. I asked them what was going on and they tell met that the guesthouse didn’t’ want to rent them the room because it was frowned upon for unmarried couples toΒ  share the same room. It would thus make the girl look like a prostitute. My thought on that is: “who the fuck gives a flying fuck? you’re just there for the freaking weekend, no one will ever remember your name anyways”. Anyways, I didn’t feel like wasting my day looking for a room, so I said goodbye and found myself a room in less than 10 minutes. I then headed to the beach. Nothing special. Not much water sports either. I didn’t feel like sitting there as that’s what I’m going to be doing all day tomorrow. Went to a massage place instead. The place is a “serious” kind of place, but maybe because of my stunning good looks, it ended up being a bit weird.


SS: haha, no la, the hairdresser did quite a good job πŸ˜‰

dunno, don’t know how to take self-pics gwa….

haha, really? she came alone or what? how’s work? boring or lots of stuff to do?

i dunno for pho in TO… thinking about it.. i’ve never even seen it there…

Pris: yea, taht guy was sooo annoying, i was so sure that i’m going to punch in his face if he ever came to me again

David: Happy be-lated birthday!!!

yea, i tried their baguette thing also, very good! much better than the ones we get in Mtl.. the only thing that i haven’t tried is the “com” (rice)

yea, and that fat guy was wearing wigga style also…. your typical annoying-looking fat kid

i’ve heard of stories of americans being bombed at night and have no idea where they bomb got there… but indeed, the tunnels were very impressive…

yea, but at the same time, my haircut was pretty simple.. nothing too fancy….

actually, i’ve learnt not to trust Chinatown’s hairdresser…. you should ask KFC (the guy who comes to this blog also).. he has had bad experience with a hairdresser back in the old days lol

where did you have your haircut? so that other ppl dont’make the same mistake and go to that place again πŸ˜‰

dude… 200$!!!!!!!! very expensive…. it’s almost like 2 weeks of budget for me!

lol…make her look like a prostitute…so what seriously…she is not living there…funny funny…trying to hook u up with the other one…good shit…the water looks so dark…for sure u can’t see when u scuba dive no…should try to find something else to do there

so at the end, u didn’t end up sharing the room with the ugly girl? that’s good… coz i was afraid you wouldnt get any sleep since both of you would be kissing until sunrise HAHAHAHA

wheredo u meet all these random ppl? french dude, fat kid… and is your roomate still traveling with you?

u planning to hang out in bars in vietnam? should be fun, no?

and uh… stop going to massages.. ur gonna get raped someday.

lol, the beach pic, who are those two guys standing afar from each other and posing for your photos? Why do you only take pics of guys man?

The hairplace i went is some private garage at Cote Vertu, lol. So yea, I doubt anyone knows that place, he only gets customers through word of mouth I think. but ironically, i’m using word of mouth to trash his business, lol.

At that time, the Vietcongs were supported by the Chineses, so probably from there they got the bombs, or they stole it from the Americans, lol.

You should go visit “Heaven on Earth” like in the movie Rush Hour, hehe

in reply to the guy above me: viet congs are communist!!! they are from the communist north!!! the “rich” chinese merchant are from the south. the americans didnt mind their own business and help the south (i shouldnt complain, they help my parents out from there). the communist wanted to take over the south by imposing communism in the south and confiscate everything from the chinese and put them in jail for no reason coz they were jealous of them being so rich while the other viet were poor.

back to eric… try pho wah (“wah” as in andy lau and whatever the spelling of it). my dad said it’s one of the best. the noodles are yummy coz it’s freshly made and not dry like in montreal.

as for the guy buying our ticket to diving… i would have told the guy to eat the ticket coz i didnt tell him to buy. i only said interested… or i would just take it and say “thanks for paying, you are nice…” and give him a pretty smile.

Dude, you should had asked me about Vietnam. You should have cut your hair in a all girls salon that would costs you around $7 with an extra half an hour massage included. Futhermore, you won’t be able to see any cute chicks in the morning, only at night in bars and clubs. By the way, did you get any option included in your massage hehehe :)

Sin is the man to ask when it comes to vietnam lol

and where’s sk lately? hasnt posted stories about his adventure

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