7th Jul, 2007

Ho Chi Minh City

(Day 62) July 5, 2007

Woke up at 7 AM in the morning to catch the bus from Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh City. Can’t say the road was smooth. Some part of the road was just a dirt road and it was bumpy like hell. However, the trip didn’t take that long and we got to Ho Chi Minh City in 6 hours.

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon or HCMC for simplicity’s sake) has a population of 8 million people. It is the most populous city in Vietnam. Traffic in HCMC is aboslutely chaotic. Usually, to cross a road in Asia, you try to spot a moment when there’s not that many cars and run across. You can’t do that in HCMC. How can you find a spot where there’s no car coming when you can’t even see the end of the traffic? So how to cross the road in HCMC you may ask? Very “simple”. Take a deep breath, slowly walk onto the road with thousands of motorcycles around you and advance slowly. The motorcyclists should, in theory, try to avoid you. Here is a video of me performing this feat (please notice that I almost got hit at the end of the video, that’s why I quickly dashed across).

I was dying to have get myself a haircut back in Cambodia. So as soon as I settled down, I rushed to the downtown area of HCMC and found a relatively safe looking hairdressing shop. It was hard to explain to him what I wanted. I had to dig through the pictures in my camera in order to show him the haircut that I had back in BKK. Let me tell you that the first few minutes was scarier than bungee jumping. I keep telling myself “shit, I’m gonna have to go skinhead….”. But, it turned out to be OK. Actually, I just realized that this picture looks exactly the same as the one I took in BKK after getting my haircut.

One of the coolest thing in Vietnam is their Open Tour Ticket. Basically, you buy a ticket from one destination to another and you can hop on and off each of the destination that the bus passes by and stay for as long as you want. Since I’m not going to stay long in Vietnam and have tons of places to go, I can at most stay for 2 days in each of the cities that I’ll be visiting.

So I first headed to the Notre-Dame Cathedrale in downtown. And it just happens that another sight, the Main Post Office is right beside it. Went inside to have a few pictures. Met some people from a Hong Kong tour there. It really feels awkward for me to speak in Cantonese now. Met 2 girls from Hong Kong, should have asked for their contacts and send it to Siuki, but I forgot to :(. Wanted to walk to the Reunification Palace, but it was closed when I got there.

I tried to walk back to the hostel and somehow missed a street and ended up going in a BIG circle (read: a 1 hour circle). Was kind of hungry and went for some Pho action at some Pho Franchise thing (called Pho 24)! By the way, the correct way to pronounce it is “fa” not “f-euh”. The Pho wasn’t all that special (at par with Pang), but I later learned that this isn’t the best place for Pho.
Pics for Day 62:


Jenny: booo.. i wanted to have a good new phone for cheap hehe

yea.. but u can be sure that i’ll include Thailand… I just love Thailand… best country for tourism ever!!!

well, the rules sound funny, but it really isn’t.. becuz that was the REAL rules… so a lot of ppl suffered becuz of it…

i actually meet a lot of French ppl on my trip.. so i do speak a lot of french (well, “a lot”)… as for Chinese, i still speak it from time to time… as in once every 2-3 weeks? for the moment being, i feel more comfortable with English… but that’ll change once i reach China lol

SK: so how’s the club scene there? cock fest? or pretty good ratio….. and most importantly, how’s the QUALITY of the girls??

and… did you have fun?

kinda stupid though.. it’s not like u’re in a relationship or something… but then, if you feel safe in my blog, feel free to post here 😉

or do just like me… do some special updates by email :)

so yea, as i said, if i do go to BKK, do u feel like joining me? i’d love to go to party in BKK with a bro…

Oh Caliss de tabarnac!!
After visiting my first “7 wonders of the world”… they now have the NEW “7 wonders of the world”

so pk… so now i have 0 out of 7 done again….. good thing that i’m going to the Great Wall…

omg SK went clubbing!
how are the chicks?

and eric! go eat PHO adn tell us what real pho is like lol

i guess… ratio was 2(guys):3(girls)
but then… girls keep cock blocking @#^%@#^%
and quality… a lot of oversea students… and it was to dark to see lol… i’d say better than montreal but still not many that i’m interested

funny tho, after last time “playing” with the bros at orchid i start to go up to random girls without first looking at their face lol… dunno if it’s a good thing or not hahahaha

i went to the great wall 2 year ago. my name should be on it. MUAHAHAHA
pho in mtl should be better than in viet. i know there’s no logic behind my statement, but that’s what my parents say

hahah…sk going up to random girls without seeing their face…good luck…hope u don’t end grindin with a ju pa…

the pho actually looks better in mtl …

“Oh Caliss de tabarnac!!
After visiting my first “7 wonders of the world”… they now have the NEW “7 wonders of the world”
so pk… so now i have 0 out of 7 done again…”

laugh die me. well..technically u could have only visited 2 of the old ones since the others have been ruined.

wei my dad said if u want good pho, you should look for lito shop with a cart outside. cart as in those “siw fan”. those are the good ones. it’s not as clean as the franchize one u went to tho. but it’s cheaper.

the story behind these cart is that it is dirty to serve from little carts, so they rented a little shop with running water. they leave their “old” cart outside of their shop so that regular customer knows that the are located there.

yo Eric, did you just copy-paste your new-haircut pic in BKK to a viet background because you got a terrible haircut in HCMC? hahaha, and how come you look so innocent in these pics?

Amanda came to TO the just-past weekend, and we played until 4 am on Sunday morning, hahaha, ate a lot loh…and ended up sleeping the whole Sunday…

I miss the Pho in MTL, didn’t have any of it in TO so far cuz I don’t know where the good places are… :(

Hi! I read from your blog that you can go to Phnom Penh from Ho Chi Minh? I’m going to HCM in September. We’ll be staying there for 3 days. Would you recommend that we stay in Phnom Penh for a day? Lemme know. I hope you can email me your response. Thanks! – Upper :)

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