7th Jul, 2007

Waiting for my visa…

(Day 61) June 4, 2007

Staying in Cambodia for one more day because I’m still waiting for my Vietnam Visa to be done. Took the opportunity to visit another must-go places in Phnom Penh: the S-21. S-21 used to be a highschool. However, it was turned into a prisoner’s camp and interrogation (torture) place.

Although it was kind of funny to see signs that says you can’t smile inside the buildings, you won’t really want to smile or even talk as you enter the buildings.

The former highschool consists of 4 buildings: A, B, C and D. Here are the set of rules that most be followed in the camp (back in the Khmer Rouge time).

Building A mostly consists of rooms for interrogation (torture). Pictures of people being tortured was also shown in those rooms. It was really a weird feeling to think that so many people were tortured and potentially died in these very same rooms that I was standing in.

There were jars outside Building A. Here is a short description on how it is used.

Every prisoner that were brought in S-21 had to have a picture of them taken. Building B displays all of these pictures.

Building C was the detention camp. Here is how a prison cell looked like.

Finally, Building D was the exposition hall of more pictures and paintings on what was happening in S-21.

Some of the stories that I read in Building A was actually very sad. It really makes you think how lucky we are to live in this era where we have freedom of speech and can live in a peaceful country.

Pics for Day 61:


KFC: yea, the M-1 wasn’t all that great.. but holy shit, AK-47’s recoil is VERY strong…you can see in the video that the guy had to put his hand on my back becuz of the recoil

bla bla bla… but seriously, it is NOT calibrated… or.. i didn’t have aim bot on.. lol so geeky…

i know.. i got a haricut already… my blog is lagging behind… i forgot why i didn’t wear my cap that day.. but there was a reason (that i forgot)….

SS: yea.. but then, it makes us realize how lucky we really are… so it has served its purpose…

got the haricut in ho chi minh city now la… i mean.. i can’t really wait till china.. it would’ve been like another 10-14 days…. but then… i MIGHT go back to Hong Kong first before going to China…. so i dunno

but yea, as i said… the blog is lagging behind (remember? i didn’t post for a few days back in ANgkor Wat)…

jan girl?

i might go to hk to jion a friend first… but flying from vietnam to hk is very expensive.. i met a singpore girl yesterday… and she told me that if i flew to bangkok or singapore and then fly to hk, it’ll be cheaper… so i might fly to bkk and spend a few days there before going back to hk for a week or two

Dd: lol.. yea.. i should shoot at him while he’s shooting at the chicken….
hai wor, so did you have a road block the day u went to TO?

NsK: haha, i know… i was LOLing at my pic when i saw it… exactly.. in CAMBODIA… fucking crazy… 1$ is a lot for them… talking about 1 $.. can anyone tell me what is the price of gas in Canada right now? cuz Thailand, Laos AND Cambodia’s gas is also around 1$ per liter….

Jenny: haha, that’s EXACTLY what i thought… like that guy who shot dawson…

Ericsson? can you get me a new good phone for free???????? or at a super discount (80% off)… yea, feel free to ask me, i’ll give you a good, custom-tailored itinerary! 😉

i guess i’ll become the “personne ressource” when ppl go to Asia… hehe…

hehe..unfortunately, I don’t have super discount for buying phones…. since I am only a temporary staff… however, I can get good deals at Rogers for phone bills..but then, it must be under my name.. hehe.. I hope you’ll still give me good itinerary for my Asia trip.. hehe…

The prisoner’s camp looks cool… and the rules sound quite funny… and finally, I see that you were able to read some french.. hehe.. so missing french and chinese a lot? :p

errrk… just back from clubbing

i didn’t read any of ur entries so there’s nothing related between my comment and your posts lol

anyway… man i miss u and kf for clubbing… i worked hard by myself (and a friend of derek who’s okay into hunting lol)… and 2 of us getting cock blocked by the third friend… for a few times :( so sad… wish u guys were there T__T

anyway… next week’ll go again ‘cuz made some friends here and they’re quite friendly (sausage gang tho… hope we’re going to a bigger club ‘cuz “Fevar”‘s crazy small for a club… imagine the dance floor’s like… my basement… so basically u get up to a chick and even if u dun wanna grind u’re stuck to her… and then they slowly rotate grrrr)

and ah if u wanna ask for pix sorry there’s none ‘cuz there’s nothing worth taking…

i think u und wut i mean… lol

and i dun wanna write anything on my xanga or facebook ‘cuz it’s kindda “unsafe”…

i’ll keep update on ur blog hahaha

lol. i just read sk’s post. hahahahah. this line made me laugh-> “so basically u get up to a chick and even if u dun wanna grind u’re stuck to her… and then they slowly rotate grrrr” and i just had to comment about it.

Cambodia is interesting.. you can visit tis blog http://www.cambodiaevisa.com for any Cambodia updates.

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