27th Jun, 2007

Worst capital city ever

(Day 53) June 26, 2007

Leaving Vang Vieng for Pakse today! Pretty long ride. Had to first go to Vientiane, Laos’ capital and then take another bus to Pakse.

As we arrived to the bus station, I had to take a tuk-tuk to some sort of restaurant where someone would pick me up for my bus to Pakse. I was expecting Vientiane to be kind of like Jakarta. Jakarta was really really nice compared to the rest of Indonesia. But I was wrong. Vientiane looks pretty much like the country-side of Indonesia.

So I hopped into a tuk-tuk who carries a lot of people to the city center. I asked the tuk-tuk driver to drop me at the restaurant. He drops me on a street and told me to just walk down the street. As I walk down the street, I see this. Yup, sure enough, I had to walk through this for like 15 minutes with about 15 kg on my back. Not the best experience ever.

But anyways, got there at like 5 PM and they tell me that the pickup would be at 7. So just dosed off in a restaurant for 2 hours.


Wow… i’m just speechless seeing the first pic… hope it’ll get better once you reach the city. so, did you expect Pakse to be like that? and is there any reason or … something you wanna see or do or heard from other ppl about Pakse? sorry too many questions lol cause this whole place seems underconstruction or something. are you there at a bad time? hope you’ll show us the good sides of Pakse 😉

btw, how come the pics are so small and blurry??

Not only the foto is small but the mind of the one who took the foto is very small as well.
how did u judge the city to be the worst capital while u just stayed there only one day and saw many road were under construction. Hey guy, in terms of what did u judge, physical or environmental?. I have been there many times and noticed that the city is developing significantly. Ppl there are very kind and hospitable. Come on man, if u dont like the country just go away immediately. dont post sth stupid.

Leego: Hello to you. Just wondering, do I know you personnally or did you just stumbled across this blog? Either way, I would like to first thank you for reading thru my post.

Secondly, please note that the posts in here (the blog) is nothing extremely serious and purely personal opinion. I am very convinced that you like Laos (and especially Vientiane) very much. To cheer you up, not many people visit this blog (just my friends actually) and they should have a strong enough mind to make a decision by themselves and not be easily convinced by me that Vientiane is the worst capital ever.

And as I said, everything is purely for fun and I’m just joking around. I, as posted in other comments, know why the roads are under construction. They are preparing for the 25th SEA Games in 2009, which is a really good thing and put them on the international scene.

And now, to answer you why I think Vientiane is the worst capital ever. Please bear in mind that if you put 2 different people in the same bus and travel the same trip, the 2 different people will have a different experience. So, although you have had excellent prior experiences with Vientiane’s people, I did not. With that being said, I find the place to be quite dirty and very polluted.

I guess you are a person who likes to read between lines. However, I think you jumped to conclusion too quickly. Althought I disliked my experience in Vientiane, I have never claimed to not like the whole country. If you read thru my post and comments, I actually really enjoyed my stay in Laos and suggest other people to go.

And finally, please bear in mind that this is a personal site. Or should I say MY personal site. I think I am allowed to post stupid things as much as I like.

If you’ve read it that far, I thank you.

Have a nice day


P.S.: Please be more open-minded, not everyone share the same opinion as you.

many place underconstruction.

Well, well, well, I see why the Tuk-tuk driver told you to walk down the street. It is because the road was underconstruction and vehicles couldn’t pass.

I agree that people have different opinions. Nonetheless, you cannot compare Indonesia and Laos (or vice versa). They are very different and Laos is least developing countries. If you expect your trips to be convenient and everything like in more developed countries. Then, you don’t come here.

Too bad, you judge a country to be the worst one from only the experience of construction thing! You have very narrow minded.

Anonymous: my God you’re one naive person!

First, picture it this way

here is the streets:
a b

i was dropped at point a and I had to walk to *, while he could have only let me off at b

and you keep bitching at me because I base my facts too quickly. Guess what? I’m not looking for convenient trips and I walk on average 4 hours a day. It was not a matter of convenience or not, it’s a matter that I paid for him to bring me there, he jsut dropped me somwhere NEAR and a few streets down. I wouldnt’ have a single problem if he dropped me at point b.

Also, I realize that I wrote my lengthy previous response for nothing. You dont’ even read it before bitching at me again! Please read this: I said that I was expecting Laos to be SIMILAR to Indonesia in terms of the capital’s quality versus it’s smaller towns. READ, FOR FUCK”S SAKE.

And using your own argument against you, if you expect everyone to like Laos (I did) and that everyone thinks the same way as you, then don’t come here.

And also, where did you read that I wrote a country to be the worst one? I said the capital was the worst one! Read my further posts and I have nothing done but praised Laos about how chill and relaxing it was.

You are the one who is very narrow minded and fucking blind. I clearly wrote that it wasn’t just about the construction thing because I know why they are having construcitons. I did specifically mention about how I had bad experience with the people there.

I dont’ think I’ll respond to your comments if you dont’ read mine and just start making bullshit stuff that I didn’t say. But if you did read my both comments fully and STILL feel like arguing with me, then be my guest.

Shit, my little picture didn’t work.

So, just picture the * and b at the right end side of my pic

Just accidentally came across this blog, well what you basically wrote is obviously shown that you judged Laos as even the country side of Indonesia. I know Laos is still developing.. what you could be expecting more before you come??? you should have read through the Lonely Planet or any other tourist guide book to learn more of the country.. then you could decide whether this country is ice for you or not.. I don’t want to fight you man but what you wrote above really pissed me off. Though we don’t have what other do… but this is our country, I don’t expect everyone who come to Laos to like Laos. If you feel that Laos is inferior, then better not come.. just go to visit civilazed nations instead of this poor country..

I hope you can be more open and understand that nothing can be compared … even you think you are the best .. but you might not have what other have … even you are the worst..but who knows you could have something better than the person who they think they are the best

I am open the floor to argue with you if you think I am offensive to you saying bad stuff about my country..

Joe: First of all, hello and welcome to my blog.

A little background on me and this blog first. I am travelling around Asia and this is my travel blog. I try to keep this blog as relax and playful (as in non-serious) as I can. The title might be misleading, but I am not expressing it as a mean way.

Now, a lot of people have misunderstood me and this post. First of all, if you have taken the time to read about my other posts on Laos, you would have noticed that I absolutely LOVED Laos. I find it a really chill place with a lot of nice people.

I do know the background of Laos before I entered the country. I try to do a bit of research on the history and the current situation of the countries that I visit. As I was saying, if you’ve been to Indonesia, you would have noticed how big the difference is between Jakarta (the capital) and the other cities. I was expecting it to be like that in Laos, so I was a bit disappointed when I saw that it wasn’t. Also, as I said earlier from another comment, my experience in Vientiane wasn’t the best.

Also, I’ve met a lot of people who travelled to Vientiane and they all told me not to come because there’s nothing to see or to do. But that doens’t make them not like Laos. They all enjoyed Laos, just that they didn’t like Vientiane. Same for me.

I, however, understand your point of view and I respect it. It’s good to be nationalist and liek your own country. But protecting it this way, in my opinion, is not the best way. Laos is trying to attract more tourists. Why not look at what, us (the travellers) think about Laos and why we don’t like PARTS of it and improve on it? Oh, by the way, as I have said before, it’s NOT because of the constructions that I didn’t like Vientiane.

Finally, as I have already mentioned, this blog is purely for fun and is not to be taken too seriously. I apologize if you feel insulted in any way by this post or even this comment. I am more than happy to listen back from you!

Have a nice day,


Yes, I do understand what you mean… Sorry for giving bad comment on your blog.. it is your opnion about my country, though it is part a matter of fact that we are too far behind the development .. but as a Lao citizen I just feel really bad when people mention about bad things about the country.. but never see the good things that we are peaceful.

Hope one day you will like to come to again and see what it used to be now and in the future…



Joe: don’t worry, you are entitled to your opinion just as much as I am..

well, you shouldn’t see it as a bad thing. Being criticized can be a good thing. It can you (or your country) know what you guys are lacking behind and improve on it. Don’t worry,almost everyone that I met really enjoyed Laos! They just didn’t like Vientiane because there wasn’t much to offer, other than that, really great country to be!

Indeed, I do plan to go back to Laos in the future because it is such a great place!

May be I will write about Vientiane some day
This blog is interesting

Pnomsin: welcome to my blog!

Would love to hear about what you have to say about Vientiane! From what I have heard and seen, Vientiane is not the best place to backpack to!

Because you looked for only the ruined street and haunted houses. Why didn’t you post some beautiful pics? You visited Viengchan in time of the road was under construction.

hi guy , i hope every thing bette soon , some time when we unphappy , then we look every thing sound so bad , any way wish u be back there again , then u may fine more some thing better, cool guy

So what do you want Vientiane to be like?
Some examples please, so that we have some idea to improve.


Many travelers learn and read a lot of travel guide before to go some countries to travel, But for Eric chan, he did not- he had never known what was vientiane city look like/? home come Eric chan compared vientiane with Jakata– Many people go to Laos for travelling because they like undeveloping country, they loved Natural and Lao culture–
so. Eric chan u must learn from ur experiences in Laos’s trip, dont go a country where u dont like or where u never heard what is like–

Another site of Vientiane

Kubalao: maybe because I didnt see any nice places in Vientiane? As I have said 100000 times, i did like Laos, just not Vientiane.

Dedee: thanks. I will return to Laos, because I really like this country. However, I don’t think I’ll go to Vientiane because I didn’t like it and I have never ever met someone who liked Vientiane. Everyone just says “oh, you can skip there, there’s nothing to do”. But don’t get me wrong, it might be a good place, but just not a good place for tourists…

Samakomlao: well, my experience with Vientiane was bad, but I’m sure if I ever go back there, the experience with other people might be better. But then, I don’t really think there’s something Vientiane can be improved. By that, I mean, there’s nothing too historical (I think) to see for tourists. It’s just a “big” city. But then,if you’ve read my other posts, I always find big cities to be boring, so it’s not only Vientiane 😉

Mr: You said many travelers learnd and read a lot before going to that place, yes, it’s true. But then, many people don’t read that much about it because they dont’ want to be BIASED by the travel guide’s author. And also, I did it on purpose to not look at pictures of Laos before I came, because it sounds so mysterious, so I want to see it with my own eyes.

Please read my post again. I DID NOT COMPARE VIENTIANE WITH JAKARTA! I said I was expecting Vientiane to be SIMILAR TO JAKARTA in terms of how different the capital is to the countryside.

And as I have said many times, I loved Laos and would go back. But I just didn’t like Vientiane, as many other tourists.

If you really think you shouldn’t go to a country where you’ve never heard of waht it’s like, then, I’m sorry to say, but you’re stupid. You go to travel to see new stuff. So if you’ve seen everything through pictures already, then why go?

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