9th Jun, 2007

Bangkok finally!

(Day 36) June 10, 2007

Back into business. To start off, I have a rather weird/”kickass” story to tell. But, as usual, it’s guys only. So, if you want the story by email, leave me a comment here.

As I said, Thailand is the “vacation from my vacation”, so obviously, I won’t be sight-seeing much in Bangkok, instead, it’s shopping time! But first, since most rooms were full at my hostel, I had no choice but to stay in a double bedroom (with fan) for 400 baht. So, I had to wait till 11:30 to see if anyone checked out. No single fan rooms were available. The only thing that was available was a AC single room for 450. For 50 baht more (less than 2$ CAD), I obviously went with that.

I then took a tuk-tuk to get myself to a mall that is very loved by local young people: the MBK. The stuff there was really really dirt cheap. I had enough of Pad Thai and chicken fried rice, so I went for some Jap stuff first. Then, finally got my haircut! And off to shop we go. Damn the shopping malls in Bangkok are huge! I got myself a fake pair of Evisu for 20$ CAD! (The quality is actually really really good, much better than the fake jeans I got in Malaysia).

I then went to 2 other malls and arrived to a really really really classy mall. Every shop there was brand stuff. Chanel, Burberry, A|X, Piaget, you name it. Don’t believe it? How often do you see a mall with a BMW, Porsche, Maserati, Lamborghini dealer inside? šŸ˜‰

As I am a bit tired of the terribly good food in Thailand, I went for some more Western food. They had a free salad/fruit bar and obviously, as a Chinese, I went crazy on it. I think I compensated for the lack of fruits/vegetables for the last month!

I then headed to the night market in Patong street. It’s basically the same stuff in MBK but more expensive.

Heading to Chatuchak tomorrow, can’t wait! For those who don’t know, Chatuchak is the mother of ALL markets. It has 150 000 stalls, only opened during the weekend and have over 20 000 visitors per day!

Pics for Day 36:


Updated a few posts in a shot!

NsK: bungee jump might like… orbite in lardone lolr… i guess… i’ll see la… i dont’ think i’ll pass by a plae that has bungee jump

SS: interent too expensive there ma…

yea, have to take a course ga… read my posts and u’ll see that i have to go to class :(

what did u guys do in Tremblant?

as i said, u guys only look at the pics i post, if u look at the link at the end o f my post, there is TONS of pictures…

SK: pussy…. u’re so damn weak…

Pris: great! talking about postcards, I bought fomr angie but forgot for you tim lol… gotta go find some postcards tomorrow or something!!!

KFC: I agree.. big puss…

running outside?? u ask him to or what?

Angie: i know… and he keeps convincing himself that it’s ok…

wooo weird story!! me wanna hear hehehe
the pics at the beaches are so nice… but the ones u took of urself… maybe camera angle? haha.. the one with u and ur diving certificate is… crooked?? hhaha
oh and the last sentence of this post.. u meant “stores” or really “stalls”? lol

the pic u took of the chanel store…are you sure you not trying to snap the chick in yellow hehe…food looks delicious there…nice shopping city with all those crazy cars inside lol……………….finally a new story haha…we waiting ur email

hahaha…..it’s ok~ as long as you remember. muhahahahah

why are your eyes so red in your haircut pic???

Dd: send jor to u la….

yea, tahiland is a really great place… it’s like the best palce i’ve been to up till now…… and.. Bangkok is amazing for shopping!!!!!

i know, i’m not good at taking pics of myself.. .but anyways.. who cares la.. hehe

i meant stalls… well, taht’s the word that my guidebook used also… like little “dong”

NsK: haha, dunno lei… u be the judge la šŸ˜‰
shit man, i was at ChatuChak today… things are freaking dirt cheap!! anwyays, u’ll see in my next post…

Pris: cool cool.. let me know when u recieve the ones i sent from Phucket…

i dunno ar, i think it’ sbecause of my cons gwa.. didn’t have this problem for a long time….

Iā€™m glad to read this blog.

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