15th May, 2007

I have failed…

(Day 11) May 15, 2007

I have planned to go to Chinatown today. The weather wasn’t so nice, so I’ve decided to go to the Asian Civilisation Museum instead. The inside of the museum was amazing. It used a lot of touch screens, projectors, etc to show the different artifacts. Walked around for 2 hours and learned quite a lot.

I then went to see the Merlion. On the other side of the little park was the Esplanade (Durian, anyone?).

I wanted to walk to the “most popular” mall in Singapore. But I ended up in some other mall. However, there seems to be offices around those malls and it was lunchtime. What does lots of office mean? Lots of OLs! Well, to make it simple, I think Mister Siuki Wong would reconsider going to Hong Kong if he saw what I saw (some of the OLs were really hot). Anyways, I walked around and settled for some Hokkien fried shrimp noodles.

Had nothing much to do after, so I walked around the malls. Unfortunately, I have failed to resist the shopping God’s power. After 1.5 hours and 200 Singapore Dollars, I am back to the fobbish me. I’m just hoping that it won’t cost me too much to ship everything to Hong Kong.

Pics for Day 11:


NSK: didnt’ get a rock. Most of the rock (carbon, I think) around teh volcano is very very soft (you hit on it and it becomes powder). So I didnt’ bother to bring one with me.

yea, 2.5 USD for a movie on a Sunday afternoon is really cheap!

Btw, i didn’t really rent the s2000, i was just fucking around

Ting: it actually looks like the pics that spray paint artists draw on St-catherine!
Actually, it wasn’t really that hot. As you can see from pics, I still had my jacket and long pants!

It was mainly kids and their parents watching Spiderman3 … so i felt a bit weird…

Pris: it’s even better in person! You MUST go to Indonesia!!!

Fati: yea, I did get the shots for hepatitis A, but still… didnt’ want to test the effictiveness of my shots 😉

Oh, you’re right, I forgot about it… posting it now….

They are right here:
uh… enjoy…?

omg poor u u lost the battery… i just got my 2nd one for my mom lol

euhhh can’t believe u’re watching spiderman 3 there… how’s the cinema there? crappy? or just look like usual ones here?

omgggggg pix of hot girlssssssssssss

and about hk’s OLs… welllllll it’s not like i haven’t worked near Central (jung waan) and it’s not like i haven’t seen any of the OLs… it’s a gamble lol…

anyway… u fob

ericcccc….u need to smile MORE in your pics!

ooo, heroes yesterday sucked btw (haha, only mentioning cause i JUST finished watching it) it felt more like a filler ep…which is sad cuz it’s the 2nd to last ep. what more can u fill??

the museum looks cool….
hahha, you couldnt resist shopping!!! the fob in u has taken over. that or the “girl” in u has taken over.

You have failed miserably indeed…

First of all, WHY NOT PICS OF CHICKS? you’re a freaking tourist!! How difficult is it to snap pictures around WITH women inside. I don’t want to watch pics of artifacts… nor the scenery (although the durian stadium is pretty cool), and since you said there are HOT OLs (which i believe is total nonsense), PROVE ME WRONNNGG

Dude… I hope you are staying a few more days in Singapore, because as a BROTHER, you have a few duties to fulfuill in Singapore:

1. Pics of hot chicks (just snap a random pic.. Cine style!)
2. Go clubbing AND take pics
3. THE RED LIGHT DISTRICT TABARNAK!!!! and i’m waiting to hear a few interesting stories afterwards 😉
4. oh…and did i mention pics of more chicks? hahaha

on a more serious side, take more pics of cars and streets… or pics with u in it, coz i wanna see how Indonesian you have become.

Time to get my ass moving,
Peace out

PS: the last 2 episodes of Heroes was boring… i could probably sum it up in 2 sentences…

Hey sounds like you having loads of fun on your trip! Are you travelling on your own?! I thought you would have gone away on with a group of randoms or something! Don’t think i could ever do that, would be too scared lol! Anyways its good that you’ve been trying the local cuisine since whole point to travelling to different places is to experience their culture and way of living aswell as trying their food. Sam

HAHA read the conversation with the bisexual guy, you sound soooo flattered !!!

Tranny: 1
Bisexual: 1
Hot chick: 0

You lose…

ERICCCCCC OLs but no pics…c’mon man…you gotta do better than that…ur a tourist so you have rights to snap pics of whatever you want lol…DO THE RIGHT THING

^ the guy above me will die tonight. ^

man… i’ll second: NO PIX OF THE HOT OLs????

that lion is like craping out blood lol

during OL lunchtime, go to a hot OL and ask her to take a pic of u and the background, then ask her to take pic of u and her (sticker style shot), then start conversation!

come on show me u can do it, ur encounter count (trans/gay/hot girls) is pretty lame lol

NSK will have his dick cut off tonight :S

You have no reason NOT to take pics of hot chicks. C’mon and show me your skills! Remember what you said before leaving… 😉

Actually… just take a picture of any girl. The appearance doesn’t matter, it’s only to see if you have th balls to do that… coz SK didn’t have the guts to order a bagel at Tims’


KF: it’s not about ordering… but ya i wasn’t able to ask her name and talk to her lol…

Eric: lol we were talking about our knowledge about Singapore…

we know 5 things
1- Sing Jau Chao Mai (the yellow Mai Fun)
2- Lion with Fish body (which u took pic of it)
3- 2R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4- No chewing Gum or u’ll get fined
5- Chicks there r hot (based on wut we see on hi5)

Let’s see if u learned more after u travelled there… lol

btw talked to my parents today and my mom says there’s a Durian street where u can eat all kinds of Durian stuff… (not talking about that thing u showed us in your pix)

so if u’re interested… should get some info on it…

SK: really… it’s like the single most important thing in my trip… I think someone took it out of my bag… but the weird thing is that my charger and all the plugs are still there….

Actually.. the quality of the screen and seats are MUCH better than guzzo…. u have to realize that jakarta is the capital of indonesia… so big city… not like the more “poor” cities that I have been in Indonesia

I dunno, I just have a feel that Singapore’s OLs will be hotter than HK ones… we’ll go check it out when I get to HK.. When you arriving to HK, btw?

Pris: not to sound geeky.. but I actually dreamed of watchign heroes….I’d rather be watching Heroes rather than Spiderman :(

Well… since all my clothes were at the laundry and I was pretty much dressed like a bum… couldn’t really resist, so bought some clothes lol….

KFC: ok… i’ll try to take pics of hot girls…
as for the OLs… you just gotta take my word for it cuz I’m not going back to that place…

1. As I said, I’ll try…
2. I am not sure if i’ll go cuz there’s nothign much to do in singapore till friday
3. lol.. little random story:
um… try to picture this… i live in a backpacker’s hostel perpendicular to big road… so, on my frist night.. as i went down for dinner and buy some stuff at 7-11… i saw A LOT of girls dressed attractively (there were lot of pubs around). then, as i came back, i look more at their face and i realize that something’s wrong (no, they’re not trannies)… and then, as I read angie’s email… i realized that I live IN the red light district lol… they are mainly some viet girls coming to singpore to “work”. Although some are old… i have seen some “hot” young ones yesterday…

damn, you can’t believe how many nice cars i have seen in singapore….
on another note, i saw some sort of a redish-orange porsche in jakarta (i was in a taxi on the opposite way, so coulnd’t take a pic)… that shit was fucking hot…

Samantha: Nea, I’m travelling alone…yea… trying food at different places is pretty cool… afterall, Asia has the best food 😉

Anonymous: who are you? lol

NSK: since you are risking your life by posting this, i’ll try to take pics of hot girls for you….

Angie: what? you’d rather him tell me to take pics of hot guys? besides, he haven’t seen hot girls for a LOOOONG TIME 😛

Dd: let’s see YOU doing that… lol.. but I’ll try to take pics of hot girls…

KFC: bagel at Tims? aka… talk to a girl at Tims?

we all waiting for the pics…hahaha this is funny

HAHAHA! Sorry Anonymous is me!
Removed the info by accident!

You still lose

hey it’s not like if i dun let sai kit go out… i even tell him and force him to go out.

oh take more pic of urself la. and smile more!!! you look sad… you must be more daring with the food.
wait till u get to china. guan zhou has the BEST dimsums!!!

ya, shopping is great!!!

still nerding for the SOA, will be end in less than 24 hours!!!

as requested by EVERYONE here, you should show us your man’s charm and just do it by showing us hot chick’s pics!!!

when are you going to GuangZhou, it is my hometown lah, just want to tell you to be careful in that city cuz it is a kind of dangerous.

– you should not show your cell phone (if you have any), always have it on your pocket
– if you have to talk on the phone, make sure that you are in a public area
– don’t stand on the street’s side of you are alone
– if you can, try to not having a bag on your back, cuz it might get cut…
– try to not act/look as a tourist, cuz if you do, you might become one of the “target”, you know what I mean lah!

all these are just some extreme cases that might happened, don’t get scared by me lah, Guang Zhou is a beautiful place lah!

take care!

Its a beautiful place!

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