11th Sep, 2007

Post-trip feelings

September 12, 2007

Wow. In the blink of an eye, I have finished my trip and been back home for exactly 3 weeks. For those who are wondering, here is my itinerary for the past 4 months. Somewhat different from what I have planned initially! And yes, I did have a blast! It was an amazing trip. If given the choice, I would have continuedHowever, I don’t think this will be THE trip of my lifetime. In fact, after this trip, I get more and more confused about what I want in life. I had tons of fun living somewhat like a bum for 3 months, yet, I had equally as much fun dishing my cash on clothes and whatnot in Hong Kong. I do envy the numerous people who I have met and who have been travelling for years. Yet, I also envy the people who are driving nice cars and have enough money to burn. Both (pure happiness vs money) are within reach to me, but I can only choose one…

Anyways, on a more positive side, many have asked me what I saw and learned from my trip. I did indeed saw a lot of things that somehow changed my life. Here are a few examples.

I saw how difficult and how much hardwork it takes to “harvest” rice in Indonesia. I try my best not to waste rice anymore.

I saw absolutely nothing special in Singapore (other than the gals). I try my best not to travel to Singapore again.

I saw how beautiful the rainforest/jungles are in Malaysia. I try my best to not pollute as much.

I saw how many many people are doomed to wait for their whole life due to the beautiful beaches of Thailand. I try my best to never complain about being stuck in traffic or being impatient.

I saw how lucky men are in Laos. They chill everyday with their friends, drink Beer Lao, play “boule” and call it a day. I try my best to “eat soft rice”. (Lol, this one is just for joke)

I saw many kids who have nothing to eat in Cambodia. I try my best not to waste food now.

I saw how fucking hot it is in Vietnam. I try my best not to complain about the heat in Canada now.

I saw many girls who don’t know how to makeup in Hong Kong. I try my best not to laugh at them.

And to those who are planning to backpack around. Here are a few tips or a list of things that you’ll most likely forget (but which are extremely important to have!).

-Don’t freaking plan your trip ahead of time unless you’re on a really tight schedule! (And for those who are wondering, I did not plan my trip ahead. I always only know roughly where I’m heading to or doing what in the following days).

– Bring a decoy wallet with expired credit cards and some bullshit cards.

-Bring ear plugs!!!!!! (SUPER IMPORTANT)

-Screw the mosquito repellent that you find in Canada. Buy it at the country you’re at.

– Buy good flip-flops. I can’t stress how important this is. No matter how you hate flip-flops (I used to hate them with a passion), you’ll end up wearing it 90% of the time. Do yourself a favor and don’t make the same mistake as me (buying cheap flip-flops from Wal-mart).

-Bring a cellphone (tri-band, obviously). It comes in very handy to call back home (one of the cheapest way is to buy a local sim card). Oh, make sure your phone has a camera! 😉

-Always have a pen with you.

-Keep a diary daily.

-Malaria is overrated. (But don’t come bitching at me if you catch it though).

An index of all my posts will be posted soon enough. I will keep updating this post as I think of more stuff to write.

16th Aug, 2007

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16th Aug, 2007

My 2 hours in Hanoi

(Day 70) July 13, 2007

After a really long bus ride (18 hours), I finally got my ass to Hanoi. We were driven to a travel agency in the middle of the town. I had a few hours to spare before going to the airport to catch my flight to Bangkok. I read in my guidebook that there’s something called the “Temple of Literature” in the area and that it is a must-go. So I hired a motorcycle driver to get there.

The place was nice , but it was quite small and doesn’t offer much to see. They had a lot of those stones carved with Chinese writtings. As you walk through the garden, the road would bring you to a temple with Confucius’ (I think) statues.  Although the temple didn’t have much to offer, it was still better than waiting 1 hour at the travel agency.

I then went to the airport. I later realized that my Vietnamese Dong cannot be exchanged anywhere else! Crap, so I’m stuck with 50 CAD worth of “souvenirs”. If anyone is heading to Vietnam anytime soon, let me know! I have Vietnamese Dongs to sell you!

Pics for Day 70 :


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